crocodile tears

racism is alive and well in america 
patriarchy/sexism is alive and well in america 
homophobia is alive and well in america

That being said as a white straight man in america i recognize my privilege , i have no fear of being persecuted because of my skin color. no fear of being belittled/or raped and the many things that fall between because i am a man, and i never have too worry about being persecuted because of my sexual orientation because i am straight, I do however have an obligation to at least stand in solidarity with people who do not have the same privilege’s and to try, however minor my actions might seem, to protect my fellow human beings rights. Ive been hearing a lot of people taking a “neutral” or ” well its not like like that around here ” stance and in the words of the great Howard Zinn ” you cant be neutral on a moving train” Don’t just let comments go anymore , dont laugh at tasteless jokes because it was your friend who said it, be better and expect better from those around you and however small it seems things will change.


Bangarang, Peter.

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